Frequent Questions

Surface Preparation

We recommend working on the oil first with a mild cleaner (like Dawn dishwashing liquid) before applying more unpleasant products (like solvent based cleaners); light rust may conveniently disappear. 4/0 steel wool should also remove the rust. Wash everything well with water once the rust is removed; you can apply the Jax while the steel is still wet. Wash the metal well and dry. Do not let the steel air-dry as this may cause additional rust and/or drying marks.

You can finish steel pieces any way you want (polish or satin), then wash them well – remove all oil, lacquer, grease, wax and polishing compound. Depending on what condition the parts are in, you may have to use more than one type of cleaner to get it all done. We like to start with mild cleaners like Dawn dishwashing liquid and work up to more unpleasant ones if necessary. Jax Iron Steel and Nickel Blackener is not rust preventer, so consider the environment where the finished products will live—you can finish with wax, oil or lacquer, or you can leave them uncoated.