Custom Patinated Copper Panels

copper panel wall with green patina

The McMaster University project in downtown Hamilton, Ontario earned DLSS Manufacturing a spot on the Copper Developement Associations North American Copper in Architecture Awards list.

The new David Braley Health Science Centre’s custom patinated copper panels are employed as the feature material for the buildings ‘dominant visual accents’. Copper was selected for its durability, distinctive beauty, variation, longevity, sustainability characteristics, and perhaps most importantly because it is an iconic material long associated in the Hamilton area with significant institutional buildings.

Because a patinated surface was required both inside and out, a custom, treated finish was preferred. While factory finishes were initially considered, the end solution culminated from a close collaboration between the architects and DLSS Manufacturing, specialty metal surface finish artisans. The specialty finish was applied to composite natural copper materials that were selected for their ease of panel fabrication.

McMaster University

McMaster University

McMaster University

DLSS Manufacturing is a high end provider of architectural sheet metal finishes, primarily for institutional use. DLSS partners with architects, manufacturers, fabricators, and installers to create visually stunning facade cladding utilizing a variety of natural metals. Copper cladding solutions can mimic the evolving life of the patina surface along the timeline from five to fifty years.

In the hands of the DLSS artisans, zinc, copper, brass, and steel are transformed into works of exquisite and timeless beauty.


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