We are a jewelry company that had to pull back on cleaners due to harsh chemicals/safety of employees, and are interested in a fast tarnish remover. Can you tell me what’s in the Jax Instant Silver Cleaner and the Jax Silver Polish? Or if you can’t be specific, are there any hazardous waste materials involved?

The question really is how much tarnish is involved. The Jax Brass Copper and Gold Cleaner is an extremely mild solution that will remove light tarnish and oxidation from fine jewelry, gold, silver and well-plated items. The Jax Brass, Copper, Gold and Marble Cleaner is more aggressive and also contains ammonia. These first 2 products are classified as “non-hazardous.” The Jax Instant Silver Cleaner is even more aggressive and will remove all oxidation (it is not safe for plated items) – it may also leave the metal a little “dull” which may require some additional polishing. This product would be classified as “hazardous.”

Category: Jewelry and Interior Hardware Applications