The Jax Green Patina I bought from you works great, but I am trying to match the patina of an antique weathervane, which is very dark. Can you advise me of any product I can use or add to the Jax Green Patina to make it darker?

Before applying the Jax Green Patina, use one of the Jax Darkeners, like Jax Brown-Black on the copper to darken the weathervane. Wash the Brown-Black off well with water and use a Scotch-Brite pad to remove some of the oxide (you don’t have to be real careful here). Wash the vane again with water and NOW apply the Jax Green Patina. Organically greened copper doesn’t turn green first; it would naturally turn brown or black and would then, over time, turn green. This process should get you much closer to the original.

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