I am not getting results with the Jax Green Patina on my new copper roof. What am I doing wrong?

The trouble you are having is most likely caused by surface preparation and/or cleaning. Jax Green Patina only works on clean metal. No oil, lacquer, grease or wax – even fingerprints can be a problem. It may take several different cleaning products to really get down to bare metal. We suggest the use of steel wool or sandpaper in addition to cleaning to really be sure you are on metal. We also suggest Dawn dishwashing liquid and warm water before using the Green Patina. You can apply the Green while the metal is still wet. Apply with a stiff bristle brush and do NOT rinse it off. Remember, the Green does not work instantaneously – apply and then walk away until tomorrow. We would also consider the use of one of the Jax Darkeners (our preference would be Jax Brown-Black) before you apply the Jax Green Patina. It will be far more authentic than just applying the green on top of virgin copper.

Category: Troubleshooting